Specialised software solutions for the most demanding industry segments

Control and monitoring systems

We develop control and monitoring systems for industrial production processes. With our own engineers, we can develop such systems on robotic, PLC and PC platforms.

  • Programming robotic and PLC systems
  • Control systems based on PC and PLC platforms
  • Graphic and SCADA interfaces

Data capture and analysis

Data and measurements from the devices can be captured at high speed and analysed in real time in a variety of ways. Even where the speed and volume of data captured and analysed is really high. Different devices can be connected to central ERP systems and data can be exchanged between them.

  • Archiving production parameters
  • Storage of analytical data and measurements
  • Integration with ERP systems
  • Real-time display and analysis of measurements
  • Performing rapid measurements (>10pcs)
  • Display and analysis of large-scale measurements (>10M measurements per channel)

Hardware management solutions

We develop software that interfaces the user with the device and makes it easy for the user to work with it. Whether simple applications for parameterisation a single device, or complex systems that also work with multiple devices in a network and include various analytical subsystems, integrations and protocols.

  • Implementation of protocols
  • Parameterisation and monitoring of equipment operation
  • Real-time display of measurements
  • Integration with other systems

Special solutions

We develop tailored industry-specific software solutions to meet the needs of our customers. These are mainly hardware and device solutions.

  • System integrations
  • Pilot and development projects

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